Go outside! Vertigo Adventures provides the perfect solution for a corporate event or team building exercise.

Take a look below at the available activities.

Jacobs Ladder

A classic team exercise that uses a giant ladder suspended 30ft in the air. This is a true test of co-operation, balance, co-ordination and a degree of strength. Your challenge is to work effectively within your group using good communication and team work.

Does your team have what it takes to reach the top?

High All Aboard

A delicate balancing act for you and your group.  All aboard is a classic exercise in trust and is designed to encourage teamwork and communication.  Climb the 30ft pole to access a small platform, balance yourself precariously at the top and then make room for a further 3 people!  Now that you’re all standing at the top, 30ft in the air, if you have the nerve, put the ultimate trust in your team and hold each other’s hands and lean back.

Crate Stack

This is a test of balance and co-ordination. You can work together in pairs where the objective is to stack as many milk crates underneath you as you possibly can. This is an extremely enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying challenge. How high can you build your tower before it collapses?

Gladiator Challenge

A little competition hurts no-one.  Compete with your team mates to ascend the poles, tyres and nets to the top of the gladiator challenge that hangs from a 30ft steel bar. Designed to increase comradeship, patience, and control.  Which team will keep their nerve to be crowned gladiators?

Tarzan Jump

First climb a 30ft pole to a tiny platform, then pluck up the courage to leap across to grab the trapeze bar hanging several feet away. A challenge that requires courage and determination, that ultimately becomes a fantastic confidence booster. Feel the relief as you are lowered safely to the ground.

Half Day Package: From £45 per person

  • Choose 2 of the Workshops from above
  • Session on either the Monkey Trail Low Ropes or Hawks View High Ropes
  • Dedicated Instructor
  • Refreshments

Full Day Package: From £85 per person

  • Choose 3 of the Workshops from above
  • Session on either the Monkey Trail Low Ropes or Hawks View High Ropes
  • 2 extra activities from The Flying Fox, The Plummet or The Crazy Climb
  • Dedicated Instructor
  • 2 x Refreshment Breaks
  • Lunch

These packages are suitable for groups of 10-60. We would encourage organisers to take advantage of our free familiarisation visit, to meet the instructors and discuss requirements. Please see our health and safety page for further information and guidelines.

For more information, to check availability, or to book, please call 01707 328594, or send an email.