The course at Vertigo Adventures Stanborough Park does require a degree of physical fitness, but if you can climb up a rope ladder you should be fine. However, we do have some participant restrictions that we have created to ensure you have a fun and safe experience on our course.

The restrictions are as follows:

  • Minimum age of 5 years, minimum height of 1m for Monkey Trail Low Ropes, The Plummet and The Crazy Climb.
  • Minimum age of 5 years, minimum height of 1.4m for the Flying Fox.
  • For the Hawks View High Ropes, the minimum age is 8 years, with a minimum height of 1.4m. All 8-10 years must be accompanied on the Hawks View course by a competent adult.
  • High & Low Ropes, Crazy Climb – maximum weight of 18 stone (subject to harness and helmet fit).
  • Flying Fox & The Plummet – maximum weight of 16 stone (subject to harness and helmet fit).
  • Vertigo Adventures is open in all the elements, come rain or shine, so come in clothes suitable for the weather and ones you don’t mind getting a little dirty.
  • Closed toe and closed heel shoes are required. We recommend ankle supporting boots, but trainers are fine too. We do not allow participants to wear sandals, open-toes or slip-on shoes.
  • Long hair must be tied back, waists covered with no strappy tops and body piercings and jewellery must be removed.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted.
  • Empty pockets, and no other loose items.
  • No scarves or other items around the neck.
  • Coats and jackets should be fastened or removed.
  • Medical conditions should be disclosed, and any emergency medication should be kept with the instructor.

You cannot participate if:

  • You are known to be suffering from serious health issues including but not limited to heart, neck, arm, back or shoulder problems.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Please send an email for a copy of our full health and safety policy and terms and conditions.

Why not download our disclaimer forms before you arrive?

Under 18s Acknowledgement of Risk Form

Over 18s Acknowledgement of Risk Form

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