Go explore some more! For additional learning experiences, why not consider a team building workshop? With the aid of a dedicated instructor, each session costs £12.00 per person, with a maximum of 16 people per session. These workshops are most suited to those aged 8+.

Take a look below at the available activities.

Jacobs Ladder

A classic team exercise that uses a giant ladder suspended 30ft in the air. This is a true test of co-operation, balance, co-ordination and a degree of strength.

High All Aboard

A real balancing act! Climb the 30ft pole to access a small platform, balance precariously whilst making room for a further 3 people. Encourages teamwork and communication.

Crate Stack

This is a test of balance and co-ordination. Stack as many milk crates as possible to build the highest tower. An enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying challenge.

Gladiator Challenge

Compete with team mates to ascend the poles, tyres and nets to the top of the gladiator challenge that hangs from a 30ft steel bar. Designed to increase comradeship, patience and control.

Tarzan Jump

First climb a 30ft pole to a tiny platform, then pluck up the courage to leap across to grab the trapeze bar hanging several feet away. A challenge that requires courage and determination, that ultimately becomes a fantastic confidence booster.